Local Business Support

Our Support Statement

Kilderkin Coffee Roasters goes above and beyond expectations to deliver unparalleled business to business (B2B) services. Our B2B service is different than our B2B catering, as we bring packaged products to you, for your current coffee setup. Kilderkin products better, fresher and cheaper products for the setup that you already have in place.

We take pride in what we have to offer and believe in building a life long business relationship. Kilderkin not only serves directly to the community, but will also provide a coffee solution to your business as your business services the community. So stop spending your time and wasting employee hours on retrieving coffee for your business's facility, and let us come to you. 

Our Support

 While we offer our coffee solutions directly to the community, we know there are lots of companies that offer coffee beverages to their customers. Whether you are a local gym or a local hotel or bed and breakfast, we have the right solution for you. 

Kilderkin offer's a variety of coffee beans for your facility, and can deliver those beans just the way you want them. Your coffee can be delivered in a 1lb bag or a 3lb bag; whole bean or drip grind bags.

Here is what you can look forward to:

- Sample all of our products and decide which coffee you prefer.
- Set up an agreement on when and where you want to coffee delivered.
- The ability to contact us directly with no wait. 
- Easily modify your products and delivery dates. 
- Locally owned company that is flexible to your business.
- Cut costs for your business.  

Kilderkin will deliver your selected coffee products directly to you on a schedule that fits your needs, with a once a week delivery plan. Since we are local, we do offer the flexibility of delivering on our off days, but with a slight additional charge. Yet another example of how a local supplier is beneficial for your company. 

Once the initial B2B arrangement is complete, you will no longer spend time resupplying your business with the coffee products that you offer to your customers. Time is money, so let Kilderkin provide a solution that is better and cheaper than your current setup. 

For businesses located outside our general range, we would be more than happy to offer your business a coffee solutions as well.

For more information on our B2B service, please call us at (706) 426-8735. 


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