Our Roasting

At the Kilderkin warehouse, we go above and beyond to produce the highest quality products. We receive hand selected beans from distributor who receives the beans directly from the coffee farmers themselves. Once the beans arrive at our warehouse, they are stored in an acclimatized room in order to ensure the maximum freshness of the beans. During the roasting process, our most popular roasting profiles are selected based on what we are to produce, such as espresso, drip coffee and light, medium, or dark roasts just to name a few. After the roasting is conducted, they are left to rest for 48 hours in a separate container at room temperature. After the 48 hours, we seal those roasted beans inside of a dark, airtight container inside our acclimatized room until they are to be used. The roasted beans are removed from storage and ground no earlier than 24 hours from consumption or just before they are being processing for shipment. 

Although Kilderkin is a very small and start up company, our roaster may seem to some as an overkill. Our 12kg Diedrich roaster can roast over 1,300lbs of coffee beans in a 24 hour period. Prior to our 12kg Diedrich roasting going to work, we use our very handy Ikawa sample roaster, which allows us to test out various profiles and make minor tweaks to our profiles to zero in on that perfect profile.


Here at Kilderkin Coffee Roasters, we just don't roast the profile that we have produced for our daily customers, we also can develop a specific roast for any of our whole sale customers. 

 After our roasting process, the coffee beans are stored for 48 hours.