13 Chambers -Medium-Dark Blend- 2 - 16oz Bags

Kilderkin Coffee

13 Chambers -Medium-Dark Blend- 2 - 16oz Bags

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Country: Brazil, Congo, Colombia

Tasting Notes: Nutty, Sweet, Spice

Origin: Blend

Information about this product:

Roasting: This coffee blend is a full-body medium roast. After roasting, the beans are stored in an valued air tight container until the product is to be shipped, at which time the whole bean is grounded and packaged for shipment, to allow for the freshest possible coffee grounds. 

Farm Info: The Brazil beans are from the North Kivu province of Congo, the Brazil beans are Chapada de Minas, while the Palmera Supremo beans are farmed in sourthern Colombia (Caldas).