Brazil Chapada de Minas -Medium Roast- 4 - 16oz Bags
Brazil Chapada de Minas -Medium Roast- 4 - 16oz Bags

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Brazil Chapada de Minas -Medium Roast- 4 - 16oz Bags

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Country: Brazil

Region: Chapada de Minas

Farm: Primavera

Tasting Notes: Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Lemon Verbena

Origin: Single Origin

Information about this product:

Roasting: This coffee bean is a medium roast. After roasting, the beans are stored in an valued air tight container until the product is to be shipped, at which time the whole bean is grounded and packaged for shipment, to allow for the freshest possible coffee grounds. 

Farm Info: This coffee bean has a variety of Yellow Catuai, grown at an elevation of 1000 meters above sea level and harvested between July and September. It is vertically integrated from the soil and silos of Primavera through the transport, export, and arrival in US and EU warehouses. Fazenda Primavera is part of the same family of businesses as Ally, meaning we know this coffee inside and out and can make annual adjustments to production and processing based on roaster and retailer feedback.

Fazenda Primavera is the 2018 Brazil Cup of Excellence winning farm for its Pulped Natural Geisha!

Region: The Chapada de Minas is a small and beautiful region with stunning topography shaped by plateaus and river canyons. The flatter plateau areas promoted the mechanization of the region’s coffee plantations. Coffee cultivation began in the 1870’s, which brought significant economic benefit to the region by increasing employment opportunities. Among all coffee regions, this area is the most important for small producers and is essential to the local economy.